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MCNP Art Advisory

Conseil en art indépendant pour collectionneurs exigeants.



Independent Art Advisory Firm

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Who Are We

MCNP Art Advisory is an independent art consulting and art as an asset management firm specializing in impressionist, modern, and contemporary art.

Our Vision

Placing the art collector at the heart of its project by providing access to the international art market.
Benefit from personalized support in the acquisition of your artworks, as well as in the valuation and management of your collection.

Why ?

Collecting Art.

For every collector, there are deeply personal motivations to develop their art collection, their own private museum. Together, we explore your aspirations and personal interests to build an art collection that reflects who you are.


Our fields of expertise

MCNP Art Advisory helps you with all your art acquisition projects and the management of your art collection by specifically addressing your needs.

Creating an Art Collection

You wish to build a collection of artworks that reflects your taste, to open an "art fund" in your wealth portfolio, and to receive long-term support. Together, let's define this project and prepare the acquisitions that will form a unique and tailor-made corpus.

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Art Collection Restructuring

You already have an art collection and want to restructure it, give it a new identity or complete it ?
We conduct its audit and propose several restructuring scenarios that we will implement for you.

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One-Shot Acquisition

You are starting out in the art market and looking for guidance on your first acquisition? Or you are searching for a specific artwork by a particular artist to complement your collection? We assist you with this project.

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Art Concierge Services

We provide 360° support and advice you on the following topics :
○ Shipping
○ Framing
○ Restoration
○ Storage / Insurance
○ Financing
○ Legal and Tax Support

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Highlighting of your artworks

When you possess artworks, we offer to enhance their value by connecting them with the institutional and editorial world.

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Listing for sale

You wish to put an artwork up for sale? Together, we work on the strategy to implement in terms of pricing, location, sales channel, and market.

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Exclusive Access to the Art Market.

A holistic and tailored approach.

We provide you with access to the art market through our expertise in art market dynamics and art history, as well as our extensive international network.

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01. Knowledge Sharing Partner
Learning more and understanding the history of art, artistic movements, and the artists that interest you before diving in and collect.
02. Tailored Project Definition
Together, we refine your research based on your personal taste, budget, and both your cultural heritage and wealth-building goals.
03. Artworks sourcing
After defining your research criteria, we begin sourcing artworks through our extensive networks in France and internationally, spanning all markets including primary, secondary, auction, and private sales.
04. In-depth Artwork Information
You have access to maximum information regarding the proposed artworks, as well as market data, enabling you to make your acquisition (or resale) decisions.
05. Acquisition Administration
For you, we handle negotiations and the entire acquisition process from A to Z.
06. Full-service After-Sale Management
Once the acquisition is complete, we handle all post-acquisition aspects: delivery, restoration, framing, storage, hanging, and more.
07. Collection Management and Enhancement
During ownership and with your approval, we offer various options to enhance the artwork (loan, exhibition, publication, ...). You also have access to a dedicated online platform to manage and oversee your art collection.

Key Figures 2023.

Sources : @Arts Economics (2023)

65 Billion
Annual revenue of the art market (US Dollars).
39.4 Million
Number of artworks sold.
Share of revenue generated by paintings.
France's ranking in the global market.


Art: An Emotional Asset.

Art has become a full-fledged asset, enabling investors to diversify their portfolios by opening an "art allocation". Art as an asset class allows for complementarity with other types of assets (listed, unlisted, real estate, etc.) and balance in the overall wealth.

Tangible Asset

Navigating monetary, economic, or political risks.


Benefit from favorable tax treatment for this asset upon purchase, ownership, and resale.

Safe Haven

Decoupling from other assets (real estate, banking products, listed assets …).


Secure your wealth with this complementary and distinctive asset class.

Pleasure Investment

Combine investment and passion.

Return on Investment

Opportunity for capital appreciation upon resale.


Manage Your Collection From Your Digital Space.

Get access the latest technological innovations for managing your collection. Our Collector Space allows you to track your ongoing projects, access your collection inventory, and monitor its evolution and valuation.

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Our Team

After studying art history and market analysis at the Ecole du Louvre, IESA Art & Culture, and Université Paris-Nanterre, Maxime CARETTE began his career in internationally renowned contemporary art galleries in Paris. He then shifted his focus to serving collectors and enthusiasts as an independent advisor.
With a commitment to building high-quality and optimized collections, the firm advises and assists private individuals and businesses in art acquisitions and investments, as well as in the management of their collections, with a personalized heritage approach.

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Co-founder and Art Advisor

Having begun his career in banking followed by investment and luxury real estate, Nicolas Pratz joined the firm in 2022.
With a passion for art and a shared commitment to our values, he oversees strategic activities, negotiation, and company development.
Client service is integral to his vision, and he will always represent and safeguard your interests in any circumstance.

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Nicolas PRATZ
Co-founder and CEO

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